Creating Pathways to Independence, Inclusion & Employment

For musically inclined neurodivergent young adults, few high school transition and post-secondary music programs exist anywhere in the United States. We are providing life-changing music education opportunities designed to enhance the student experience and make a lifelong impact.

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Encouraging Independence

The Southwest Florida Music Education Center is fostering independence through world-class music education, life-skills instruction, place-based internships and work experiences and peer mentoring. SWFLMEC has plans for a small onsite dormitory for students who prefer to live on campus.

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Supporting Inclusion

The Southwest Florida Music Education Center is showcasing the musical talent and vast ability of neurodivergent individuals. Working collaboratively with local and regional partners, the Center will work to create opportunities for internships and place-based learning experiences that enable neurodivergent individuals to be successful and appreciated in an inclusive work and community setting.

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Enabling Employment

The Southwest Florida Music Education Center is creating new pathways to success. By equipping students not just with music education, but also critical soft skills, professional skills and work placement opportunities, SWFLMEC is opening new doors for opportunities, purpose and fulfillment.

Your Support Helps Our Students Engage, Create & Thrive

Filling the Gaps in Music Education

As a 501c3 nonprofit organization founded in August 2019, the Southwest Florida Music Education Center was established to fill the gap in existing services by providing a state-of-the-art music education and mentoring center designed for neurodivergent students.

Why is this important? Because for neurodivergent young adults, success depends upon highly trained professionals, small staff-to-student ratios, proven program design, availability and affordability.

Without the proper support, these young adults’ “invisible” disability can often lead to depression, dependence, isolation and unhappiness. Because of the Southwest Florida Music Education Center and all who support us, students, families and communities are invited to engage, create & thrive:

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Students Thrive!

Removing obstacles to learning, through proven program design, small student-teacher ratios and highly trained teachers allows students to pursue their passion for music and build toward a bright future.
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Families Thrive!

Meeting the complex needs of a young adult with neurodiversity puts families under a great deal of emotional, physical and financial stress. Because of the SWFLMEC community, families know the complex needs of their loved one are being addressed and support is provided to help relieve these challenges.
SWFL Music Education Center Community

Communities Thrive!

When any one of us is suffering, it sends ripple effects throughout the community. Encouraging the unique abilities of neurodivergent individuals with a strong interest in music brings their gifts to the forefront of society, allowing space for perceptions to be changed, connections to be made, and artists’ talent to be appreciated and enjoyed.

Everyone Deserves the Opportunity to Pursue Their Passion.

Empowering Music Certificate Programs

In association with the Berklee Institute for Accessible Arts Education, Southwest Florida Music Education Center’s music certificate programs focus on core areas of musical skill development, providing hope and opportunity that hasn’t existed before.

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